CrossBell Performance Horses

Wedmanville Farms, located in central Alberta, is now home to the fifth generation of the Wedman Family since it was first homesteaded in 1892 by Gottleib Wedman. In the early 1900s it truly was like a village as the Wedman patriarch raised his family of 25 children (23 of which survived to adulthood) on the home quarter. With 2 homes and a guest cottage on the main quarter and two more houses across the road, the farm continues to be active today with friends and family always welcome to stop in for a visit.

Over the years, the farm has seen many changes, but the important things have stayed constant. Our focus on the quality and health of our animals and respect for agriculture continues in our horse, beef, hay and grain operations.

In 2008 we expanded our Performance Horse breeding program and with the addition of our stud Sonnys Hot Rum CrossBell Performance Horses began. In our effort to breed versatile, well-minded performance horses we cross our Foundation bred American Quarter Horse stallion with a cross section of performance bred Quarter Horse and Appaloosa mares with blood lines going back to Peppy San Badger, Bueno Chex and Dream Finder.

With today’s operation of over 200 beef cattle on the property or put out to pasture in the summer our horses see more than just the inside of an arena. They are used for traditional ranch work, recreational riding, as well as the roping arena. We seek out horses with straight confirmations, kind eyes, stout chests and muscled hips so they have the strength and stamina for the versatile requirements of a working animal. As these traits are beneficial in any venue, we have prospects that will excel in most disciplines. Some of the horses we’ve sold have gone on to excel in the barrel racing, roping, working cow horse and gymkhana arenas..

Ed also uses his creative talents to design and build custom home decor pieces made out of new or used horse shoes, bits, spurs or whatever else inspires him. If you are looking for a unique piece for your home, or wanting to build something to remember an old equine friend using their old shoes or tack, look up CrossBell Creations on FaceBook and give us a call.